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A vibrant research group that includes faculty, research scientists, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows working in AI.

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This collaborative environment, coupled with our diverse perspectives, leads to a valuable interchange of ideas within and across research groups.

How can machine learning impact healthcare?

Prof. Jenna Wiens uses machine learning to make sense of the immense amount of patient data generated by modern hospitals. This can help alleviate physician shortages, physician burnout, and the prevalence of medical errors.

Making AI explainable

Researchers in Prof. Nikola Banovic’s lab work to make AI models understandable to the people who ultimately have to use them – clinicians, policymakers, engineers, artists, designers, and the broader public. Most models rely on complex mathematical outputs to communicate things like how they arrived at a certain answer, or how “confident” the model is in its output. Instead, Banovic and his students design interactive tools to connect the dots for end-users.