New Textbook: Engineering Signals and Systems

Signals and Systems is a core course for students studying electrical engineering and computer engineering.

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A new textbook, Engineering Signals and Systems, by Prof. Fawwaz Ulaby and Prof. Andrew Yagle, will be used by students in the undergraduate course, Introduction to Signals and Systems (EECS 216).

Signals and Systems is a core course for students studying electrical engineering and computer engineering at Michigan, and similar courses are taught at most institutions across the country. Examples of devices that rely on signals and systems include the iPod, cell phones, and wireless sensing.

“All of the signals and systems textbooks I have seen,” stated Prof. Yagle, “including the one we are presently using, are applied math books. I wanted to write an ENGINEERING signals and systems book (hence the title) that would include APPLICATIONS to real problems, not just the theory.”

The new textbook combines theory with application, so that students learn to solve real world problems, and to think critically about the material. For example, the cover of the book shows Louis Armstrong playing the trumpet; by reading the book a student will learn how to analyze and filter a trumpet signal. Additional applications discussed in the book include automobile suspension responses to curbs and potholes, biomechanical analysis of a person sitting in a moving chair, oven temperature control, motor control, and a simple model of a Segway scooter, which intuitively moves where you body tells it to go.

Prof. Yagle has taught EECS 216 for many years, as well as higher level courses in Digital Signal Processing (EECS 451), and an introductory course in Music Signal Processing (ENG 100). He has received several teaching awards, and been named “Professor of the Year” by the student honor society, Eta Kappa Nu.

Prof. Ulaby has authored and co-authored numerous textbooks, including most recently the book, Circuits. His popular textbook, Fundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics, is in its 6th edition. He has received several honors and awards for his teaching, and was recently honored with the IEEE James H. Mulligan Education Medal, “For contributions to undergraduate and graduate engineering education through innovative textbooks, dedicated mentoring of students, and inspirational teaching.” [read more]

Students enrolled in Prof. Yagle’s EECS 216 class this Fall will be using this textbook for the first time at the University of Michigan.Other institutions are already assigning this book for their own Signals and Systems courses.

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