Hackers install bubbler as a salute to Beysters

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Sometime on the weekend of February 18, hackers struck the Computer Science and Engineering building at U-M, installing a hot tub on the fourth floor balcony of the building.

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The installation, identified on an accompanying plaque as “The Bob and Betty Beyster Bubbler,” was apparently a nod toward the Beyster’s gift of $15 million to the College of Engineering, which was announced two days prior, on Feb. 16. As a result of the gift, the CSE building is soon to be renamed “The Bob and Betty Beyster Building.” Certainly worth celebrating.

Questions remain regarding the identities of the hackers, and how they installed the bubbler — for it appeared much too large to have fit though the narrow door that opened to its lofty perch atop the building, and hot tubs are not easily levitated. But it’s too late for close examination — by Feb. 21, the bubbler had vanished as mysteriously as it appeared. We’re just wondering where the party is now.


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