Two new faculty join CSE in fall 2014

New faculty in CSE Enlarge

CSE is delighted to welcome two outstanding new faculty members to Michigan. With highly relevant research pursuits in the realms of secure and private Internet-scale services and in machine-learning and data extraction methodologies, they’ll help to lead and teach us as we enter a world increasingly shaped by computer science and engineering.

Harsha Madhyastha
Assistant ProfessorPhD, Computer Science and Engineering, 2008
University of WashingtonWebsite
Jenna Wiens
Assistant ProfessorPhD, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 2014
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyWebsite
Harsha Madhyastha conducts research in the areas of distributed systems, networking, and security and privacy with a focus on simplifying the development of and enabling the cost-effective deployment of performant, highly available, and privacy-preserving Internet-scale software services. In addition to award-winning papers and an NSF CAREER award, his research has resulted in the development of software systems that have been adopted by Facebook and Google. Harsha joins CSE from University of California, Riverside, where he has been an Assistant Professor. Jenna Wiens’ primary research interests lie at the intersection of machine learning and medicine. She is presently focused on developing accurate patient risk stratification approaches that leverage patient data across time and space, with the ultimate goal of reducing the rate of healthcare-associated infections among hospitalized patients in the US. In addition to her work in healthcare, she has developed machine learning¬†methods for the extraction of strategically useful information from player tracking data in the National Basketball Association.