MABEL the bipedal robot

MABEL, at one time the world’s fasted running bipedal robot, now sits in the biomechanics exhibit at the Chicago Field Museum.

The two-legged robot named MABEL can now recover from a stumble like a person, making her the world’s first robot with a trip reflex, says Prof. Jessy Grizzle. The fastest bipedal robot with knees can now step up onto a platform that’s in her path. She has no cameras, so she uses a sense of touch, so to speak, to keep steady footing.

MABEL received significant world-wide attention when she became the fastest bipedal robot with knees in 2011. We invite you to watch some of the videos, and read the articles on the right for additional information.

MABEL on CNN – 9/19/2011

CNN Enlarge

Jessy Grizzle was interviewed live via Skype on CNN for “The BIG I”

MABEL with the ESPN Road Trip Hosts – Featured on ESPN-U 9/14/2011

Photos by Marcin Szczepanski, U-M College of Engineering

Jason Drubner and Niki Noto visited MABEL September 8, before the Michigan-Notre Dame game [35-31 – Go Blue!!!] She showed off a bit and managed a touch down before injuries sidelined her. WatchDrubner’s interview of Denard Robinson after the game

Additional Info

MABEL’s YouTube Channel

Jessy Grizzle’s Research Page

See MABEL run: The fastest two-legged robot with knees (CoE LabLog – 9/19/11, with photos and additional video links)

MABEL Enlarge

8″ step down another record for MABEL– CoE LabLog (9/22/11)

Meet MABEL: World’s Fastest 2-Legged Robot with Knees (Live Science – 9/23/11)

Running robot: MABEL is now the world’s fastest two-legged robot with knees (U-M Press Release – 8/15/11)

Discovery Canada coverage of MABEL(Discovery Channel, Daily Planet – 3/28/11)

For some humor:
MABEL learning to navigate rough ground (breaks a leg)
Robot Versus Plywood, Who Ya Got?(Gamma Squad – 5/27/10)

In the News

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R&D Magazing: MABEL: The world’s fastest two-legged robot with knees Running robot: MABEL is now the world’s fastest two-legged robot with knees

Extreme Tech: MABEL the robot runs like a human but stomps like a cylon

October 17, 2019 : Popular Mechanics

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Prof. Jessy Grizzle's robot, Mabel, is profiled in this piece by Popular Mechanics.