How to build a BigANT – Shai Revzen’s critter-inspired robots

How to build fast and cheap robots

Want to build your own robot fast and cheap? Shai Revzen is making that easier with his plate and reinforced flexure (PARF) fabrication technique. He used PARF to develop the meter-scale hexapedal robot known as BigANT, whose design files are available to all.

Prof. Revzen’s Biologically-Inspired Robots and Dynamical Structures (BIRDS) lab builds robots resembling bugs and critters meant to tackle challenging situations. These robots are cheap and easy to assemble, flexible, and can move around even after damage. Some of his creations can even build other robots while deployed in the field. Watch this overview of his work.

Read more in his article, “Rapidly Prototyping Robots: Using Plates and Reinforced Flexures,” by Ian Fitzner (ME), Yue Sun (ME), Vikram Sachdeva, and Shai Revzen.

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Posted: March 23, 2017