Dongyoon Lee Selected for VMWare Graduate Fellowship

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Dongyoon Lee

Ph.D. student Dongyoon Lee has been selected as the recipient of a 2012 VMWare Graduate Fellowship Award. Each year, VMWare Labs makes two such awards to outstanding students who are pursuing research related to VMware’s business interests, which include virtualization and its applications.

Dongyoon’s research interests are in improving the programmability of parallel computer systems. Unlike sequential processors, a multiprocessor system is not guaranteed to produce the same result even when a program is executed over exactly the same input, which causes significant issues in debugging and fault tolerance. Dongyoon’s research has produced ultra-low overhead software and hardware deterministic replay systems by leveraging complementary strengths of static program analysis, the operating system, and computer architecture. His solutions could help improve the record-and-replay feature in VMWare’s products such as vSphere (pdf), which currently does not support deterministic replay for multiprocessors.

Dongyoon works with Prof. Satish Narayanasamy as a member of the Advanced Computer Architecture Laboratory (ACAL) and software systems research groups.