Designing Synthetic Human Gut Microbiome with AI

Prof. Al Hero was interviewed and gave a presentation about his research using machine learning to improve our understanding of the human gut

There was significant interest by the media when a team of researchers described their new technique for using machine learning techniques to help understand the human gut. Among those who reached out directly to Al Hero, co-author of a recent study published in the journal eLife, was the editor of the Science & Society room of the popular app known as clubhouse.

conceptual diagram of gut research
Conceptual diagram

In the course of the interview with Catarina Cunha, Hero talked about what interested him in science and how he became involved with biologists and medicine. He also presented a full discussion of the research, in a way that was accessible to the general public.

Additional Information

Machine learning begins to understand the human gut, press release (7/8/22)

Recurrent neural networks enable design of multifunctional synthetic human gut microbiome dynamics, eLife.