2022 graduating class reflects on their Michigan memories

We asked graduating EECS students to share memories and reflections from their Michigan experience to commemorate their achievement in their own way.
Anindya Das Antar

Anindya Das Antar – Master’s (MS/E), Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of Michigan is not a place, it’s the people.

Tsenguun Byambadorj

Tsenguun Byambadorj – PhD, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Grateful for every opportunity, memory, and friendship Michigan has provided.

Peilun Cai

Peilun Cai – Undergraduate, Data Science

Yatharth Chhabra – Undergraduate, Computer Science

Every Thursday at 7:00pm, I get to see a few hundred enthusiastic members at Michigan Hackers. No matter how many extra hours of work I put in as a Vice President for Michigan Hackers, seeing the vast number of students I’m able to impact makes every minute worth it.

Nathaniel Chong – Undergraduate, Computer Science

Find God

Enakshi Deb in grad cap next to EECS building sign

Enakshi Deb – Undergraduate, Electrical Engineering

I want to thank all my friends and family who have supported me the last four years! I would not be where I am today without them. Go Blue!

Simin Fan – Undergraduate, Computer Science

The sky says GO BLUE!

Yigao Fang

Yigao Fang – Undergraduate, Computer Science

I would never forget the time I spent at UM, where I had such academic improvement, beautiful snow scenes, and precious memories.

Burton Tower in the snow

Alexander Gedeon – Master’s, Computer Science and Engineering

I wouldn’t have been nearly as successful as a computer scientist if it wasn’t for the awe-inspiring and kindhearted faculty in SMTD that made me a more avid, creative, and open-minded learner.

Grace Girdler

Grace Girdler – Undergraduate, Computer Science

Choosing to major in CS was one of the best decisions I made during my time at Michigan. The high level of dedication and mental agility it required resulted in an even greater reward: a degree from Michigan Engineering, an exciting role in Data Engineering at P&G, and a strong group of women I’ve become friends with over the years in EECS.

Yuanqi Guo

Yuanqi Guo – Undergraduate, Electrical Engineering

Every day is a blessing day.

Conner Hein

Conner Hein – Undergraduate, Computer Science

“beep bop boop boop beep”
– my compooter

Yu Hua – Master’s (MS/E), Electrical and Computer Engineering

Wherever you go, go with all your heart.

Students in the law building

JC – Undergraduate, Computer Science

[pictured] Me and the boiz practising law

Kanisius Kusumadjaja – Undergraduate, Computer Engineering

Thank you Mom and Dad. Thank you MER and MRacing for the good times. Thank you to the Indos who’ve been apart of it from the start. Thank you to all who’ve made Michigan home. Go fast and go blue!

Xianglong Li – Undergraduate, Computer Science, Data Science

Favorite memory is to see my teammates in person after meeting with them online for nearly a year.

Ke Liu – Undergraduate, Computer Science

Dream Big, Go Blue!

Weikun Lyu – Undergraduate, Computer Science

Existence Precedes Essence

Joseph Nwabueze – Master’s, Computer Science and Engineering

Thank you Dr. Brehob for mentoring me throughout my college experience.

Rebecca Poirier and friends at CS display table

Rebecca Poirier – Undergraduate, Computer Science

From my very first CS project four years ago to my last this past week, I’ve learned so much more than I could ever imagine. I’m thankful to my teammates, professors, and friends that have helped me along the way. I couldn’t have asked for a better journey. Go blue!

Emily Plumer – Undergraduate, Computer Science

My favorite memory is pulling all nighters to code with my pattern and getting feta bread delivered to the robotics building.

Ashwin Soorya Prakash – Master’s (MS/E), Electrical and Computer Engineering

Michigan is many amazing things to the many amazing people who are a part of this community. For me, it’s more than just a place where I completed my Master’s degree. The two years I’ve spent as a U-M student have been super challenging, and yet, completely rewarding. Challenging, because of the pandemic and well, because academics at U-M is far from being a piece of cake. But despite all of that, it’s been rewarding because of all the things I’ve gained.

At Michigan, I represented my engineering division as a student ambassador, but also got the opportunity to represent my culture and that of my fellow students, by co-leading the International Center Student Council. I honed my social and networking skills by being part of two academic honor societies, but also pursued business and philanthropy by actively fundraising at Michigan Telefund. I worked with a large student project team building a complex Autonomous Aircraft, but also kept my passion for the Arts alive and in fact, even got the chance to share the stage with an 18-time Grammy Award winner by taking part in the Arts Initiative. I’m not so sure I could’ve done any of these things at the same time and have had half the fun that I did in the process, being at any other place. Higher education, to me, is not just about academics, it’s about getting the whole package – not just about training to be an expert in a field, but also about learning to be a well-rounded person. And I believe Michigan helped me do just that. I feel blessed to have studied here and to everybody at U-M who has been a part of this special phase of my life, I’d like to say a heart-felt thank you! Go Blue!

Sophia Reed – Undergraduate, Computer Science

Staying up all night in South Quad basement finishing DJ 193 project freshman year with my best friends!

Junli Shao

Junli Shao – Undergraduate, Computer Science

Gooo Blueeeee!

Yixin Shi – Undergraduate, Computer Science

Gooo Blueeeee!

Divyank Singh – Master’s (MS/E), Electrical and Computer Engineering

per ardua ad alta

Akshitha Sriraman – PhD, Computer Science and Engineering

Maxwell Weng – Undergraduate, Computer Science

As I am a computer science major, I usually do not have a physical manifestation of my work, but in my ENGR 100 Microprocessor and Toys class I did. Here is Finger, Finger Revolution!

Carolyn Wyman – Undergraduate, Computer Science

Thank you to my family for always supporting me.

Chenming Xing – Undergraduate, Computer Science and Data Science

Jiaxing Yang – Undergraduate, Computer Science and Master’s, Computer Science and Engineering

Junyuan Yang – Master’s (MS/E), Electrical and Computer Engineering

Junhua Yang – Undergraduate, Computer Science

Sai Pavan Yerra – Undergraduate, Computer Science

Yongtai Zhang – Undergraduate, Computer Science

Justin Zhang – Master’s (MS/E), Electrical and Computer Engineering

Thank you to all my friends, who were the ones to make this such a great year!

Zixiang Zhou – Undergraduate, Computer Science

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

Ming Zhuang – Undergraduate, Computer Science

The Holy Hatcher Reference Room is my savior. It bestowed the peace in my heart.