2014 CSE Graduate Student Honors Competition Highlights Outstanding Research

Four finalists presented highlights from their research.
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L-R: Clifford Frieler (Northrop Grumman), Steven Schultz (Northrop Grumman), Daya S. Khudia, Bryce Wiedenbeck, David Devecsery, Aaron Snook, and Jon Hansen (Northrop Grumman)

CSE held its eleventh annual CSE Graduate Student Honors Competition on November 5, 2014. The competition was the culmination of a process that narrowed the field of entrants to four finalists, each of whom gave a summary presentation on an area of their research. CSE faculty and industry sponsors from Northrop Grumman ranked the finalists’ presentations.

Our congratulations to all four finalists who presented! Following are details on their presentations:

Bryce Wiedenbeck: “Analyzing Very Large Simulation-Based Games” (First Place).

David Devecsery: “Eidetic Systems” (Second Place).

Aaron Snook: “Graph Isomorphism and the Lasserre Hierarchy” (Honorable Mention).

Daya S. Khudia: “Pervasive Approximate Computing: Anomalies are Your Friends” (Honorable Mention).

Below are photos from the event.