In the Media

Venture Beat – The Machine: August 8, 2020
Before we put $100 billion into AI
Prof. Chad Jenkins talks about creating an environment that will produce innovations that are not just technical advancements but will also benefit society and uplift everybody in our society.

Forbes : July 11, 2020
How To Create An AI (Artificial Intelligence) Model
Prof. Jason Corso describes some key considerations that go into the design of a new AI model.

Tastytrade – Bootstrapping in America: July 6, 2020
Dr. Jason Corso of Voxel51
Interview with Prof. Jason Corso

MIT Technology Review : June 30, 2020
MIT Alumni Profile: Edwin Olson ’00, MEng ’01, PhD ’08
Profile of Prof. Edwin Olson from his alma mater MIT. Olson is the founder of May Mobility, the Michigan-based startup that operates a fleet of low-speed autonomous electric vehicles in different cities around the country.

CVPR Daily : June 18, 2020
Q & A with David Fouhey
Prof. David Fouhey is interviewed about his experiences as an Assistant Professor in CVPR Daily, which is published in conjunction with the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition conference.

Grainstone Lee : June 12, 2020
Game Playing meets Game Theory with Professor Michael Wellman
Lynn A. Conway Professor of Computer Science and Engineering Michael Wellman is interviewed on the progress AI is making due to combining deep reinforcement learning with game-theoretic modeling.

Technovation : May 5, 2020
5 Women You Should Know Working in AI
Rada Mihalcea, the Janice M. Jenkins Collegiate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering and Director of the U-M AI Lab, is featured for her work in computational sociolinguistics.

Wall Street Journal : April 3, 2020
AI Startups Cut Staff as Coronavirus Slams Economy
Voxel51’s Physical Distancing Index is covered in the daily AI Newsletter. Professor Jason Corso is co-founder and CEO of Voxel51.

Tech Tribune : March 17, 2020
Profile of a Founder
Associate Professor Edwin Olson, CEO of May Mobility, is featured in Tech Tribune.

Michigan Daily : January 27, 2020
University professors discuss artificial intelligence’s influence on the financial world
Professors Michael Wellman and Rada Mihalcea discuss the role of artificial intelligence in finance as part of the Friday Night AI series at the Ann Arbor Downtown Library.

TRT World : January 23, 2020
Robots: Time to think about laws?
Professor Benjamin Kuipers discusses a world where robots become more important to our everyday lives.