CSE Seminar

We love being a professor. So would YOU!

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Join us for an ask-all-your-questions panel with CSE faculty on what it means and what it takes to be a professor.

If you are currently pursuing a PhD (or thinking about pursuing one), chances are sooner or later you will also think about the possibility of becoming a professor.

  • What does this even mean?
  • How do you become a professor in the first place?
  • Why would you choose a career in academia versus one in a research lab or industry?
  • What do professors do all day long?
  • How about work-life balance?

Come and find answers to all these questions and more in this CSE faculty panel.

Panelists include:

Rada Mihalcea (moderator), Kimberly Diaz, Ron Dreslinski, Maggie Makar, Alanson Sample


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