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Systems Seminar - CSE

Real-Time Embedded Software in Aerospace Applications

Ken Vaughan, BSE Comp Engr, 1983Chief EngineerAdvanced Global Strike, Phantom Works, The Boeing Company

Real-time embedded software engineering is a critical skill that is needed for all types of "vehicles" that we all use in our daily lives. Without engineers that have this skill, the development and success of future transportation will be at risk. This lecture will explore the use of real-time embedded software in aerospace applications including fighters, missiles, UAVs, prototypes, and commercial aircraft. We will cover many aspects, concepts, issues, and examples of real-time software in flight. The concepts to be covered include: Examples of Embedded Systems, Real-Time Operating Systems, Scheduling, Periodic Rates, Minor Frames/Multiple Processors, Flight Critical Processing, Time-To-Double, Autocode, Timing Issues, Testing, Current Issues, and Critical Needs. Stop by to hear about 30 years of real-time embedded software engineering experiences from a Michigan Alum.

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