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Systems Seminar - CSE

Develop Electrical Control Systems As Cyber-Physical Systems For Next Generation Automobiles

Dr. Shige WangGM R&D

Future automobiles will contain a large number of complex control functions cooperating with each other and interacting with physical components through various sensors and actuators. It is important to capture and evaluate the system at early stage of design with consideration of key influential aspects, including physical vehicle dynamics, control algorithms, software implementation, and computing platform. This talk will discuss model-basd techniques and methods for future vehicle control system development, including system modeling and modeling languages, tool environment, analysis at different levels of abstraction, and verification and validation.
Dr. Shige Wang is currently with GM R&D, where he led many research initiatives related to model-based control system development, software architecture, and system analysis. His current research focuses on advanced multicore controller design and Cyber-Physical Systems.

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